Vision for my Future

Time for a little life update. Wow, my God is a good good God, and He is so kind and generous to me. For a long time I felt lost. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my degree, with relationships, with my life in general. A couple of Sunday’s ago, the sermon at church was over vision, and how we need to allow God to show us His plan for us. This was huge for me because I have needed so much guidance lately. So I began to pray, and pray hard. I just started asking God to show me his plan and to lead me in the right direction.

So, things began to fall into place and began to become so clear. I have never been more at peace with my relationship with God, and with my career chasing. Crazy enough, I am the biggest believer that things 100% happen for a reason. Before this semester started, literally like three days before class began, I looked online at my schedule and it had gotten deleted. Every single class I was registered for was completely filled up and for some odd reason, my account got messed up and I was not enrolled in a single class. If you know me, you know this was the moment I broke down crying and hated my school lol (I really love it). So, I scrambled to find classes that I could actually get credit for in my field, and oddly enough, I ended up in a criminology class. I figured it would be cool but I was not super interested. But then I went to the first lecture and my heart was completely stolen for criminology. I have always wanted to work with the victims, but now I am pursuing criminal psychology, all because of one class that I was not even supposed to be in. Oh, and my professor used to be the warden at the Clements unit. He hopefully will be a future network for me.

A couple weeks later I received an email from a professor informing me that I am eligible to apply for a scholar program due to me having one of the highest GPAs in my field. This was a shock to me. I have always felt like I was not as good as everyone else in my classes, and I was never going to be as advanced as they were. However, God replenished my confidence! I have stressed for so long about getting research experience and building my resume up for graduate/doctoral school. This program is strictly for those two things. Research and preparing you for graduate school. God is so good. Even if I am not accepted into the program, I am so thankful that God showed me that I CAN DO IT. I AM FULLY CAPABLE.

Then, this past Sunday, I went to church. Following praise and worship, one of the ministry team members got on stage and began telling us that God is in control of our lives and he is leading us, we just have to trust in Him. She said whether it be finances, relationships, EXPERIENCE, etc. we just have to give it to Him. God definitely slapped me in the face with that one. I serve such a mighty and reassuring God. He never fails to remind me that He is completely in control.

Finally, on Monday, my mom text me that she met a lady at work who is a part of a woman’s group of psychologists. My mom told her about me and how I am studying psychology and wanting to work with criminals. The lady told her that she knew a criminal psychologist who works at a prison by Houston. She gave my information to this psychologist and she is super excited to speak with me and give me advice and guidance for my career. Wow. It is just super crazy to me how our God works in such mysterious ways.

With all of this being said, I am extremely blessed. Yes, I have cried and been on my knees for Jesus so much more lately. My relationship with Him grows more and more everyday. He is leading me, and I am completely giving it all to Him. Everything really does happen for a reason. Everything seems to finally be falling into place for me. I have such a supportive family, boyfriend, and best friends. They push me everyday to be my best me and to keep striving for my dreams! Please keep me in your prayers, and just maybe, ask God to show you His vision for you. He loves us unconditionally and wants to see us be successful.

With Love Always,


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