To The Guilty One, You Know Who You Are.

It all catches me off guard, still to this day, over two years later. I just can’t justify or even imagine how a person can live with themselves knowing the harm and hurt that they have caused. Who are you? We of course all have our guesses, most of us even have heard evidence to know who you are, but do you even know who YOU are?

As someone who did not personally know Thomas Brown, but had been around him a time or two, and is close to  some of his family… how do you live with yourself? I’m sure you have a wife, even children of your own, so what would you do if it was your own family? Your own child? Would you hope that the guilty one was out there being a hypocrite? Acting all tough, but taking another child, possibly even their life. Acting as if you aren’t guilty of murdering only one person, but basically ripping out the hearts of those who loved him dearly also? How long are you going to allow this to happen? We all have a person to blame due to a podcast that recently came out, and I believe it. I believe that you are the exact same person who often was my sixth grade substitute in reading class. I believe that you are the one who found comfort in being completely in control. You were the substitute that everyone was scared of because you were unkind and unmindful of how your attitudes and decisions would effect us later. I believe you are still that person. The one who had to have total control, and if anyone stepped on your toes, all hell broke lose. You deserve your toes stepped on. We all do at times.

On the psychological side of this there are some questions. So what has happened to you? What has caused you to have such a stiff, deceiving, and dark heart? Who hurt you? Who abandoned you? Who made you feel like you had zero control at one point so now you seek for one hundred percent of it? Who did this to you? And why are you doing this to the family of Thomas? Your actions have effected thousands of people and you’re just okay with it? Where is your guilt? Where is your remorse? Where is the despair? But most importantly, who is next?

I ask who is next, because why are you still free when enough evidence is there? Why are you still someone that people are supposed to seek for safety? I believe it’s because our small communities law enforcement often sweeps things under the rug. You’re lucky. But, with everything in me, I hope you feel his pain. His fear. His lack of control. But, also with everything in me, I hope what you did never happens to your kids. I’d hate for you to feel the same things YOU have inflicted on his family.


So come clean. Save yourself from the ultimate judgement day. Quit being a hypocrite. Quit playing dumb. Do what is right. For someone who should want justice for everyone in Canadian, Texas… why are you causing the most uproar? Think about it. Who are you really?


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