Why is it that we often find ourselves running away from all the good things in life? This is something I have always done and I have never been able to truly figure out why. Recently, I have really been thinking about this a lot because I am the biggest runner. Anything that could remotely […]

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A Slap in the Face

  Have you ever been slapped in the face and you just kind of stand there in shock because you’re not exactly sure what just happened? Yeah, me too.   This past month, I was slapped across the face twice. One hurt, the other made me cry tears of relief and joy. Odd huh? Let […]

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Moving Forward

As someone who has always encouraged people to look on the bright side of things, I may have really been trying to talk myself into it. Mental illness is real. Anxiety is real. Depression is real. Every mental illness, big or small, is REAL. In the world we live in today, people often think these […]

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Welcome To My Journey

Thanks for joining me! I hope that you’re not here for entertainment, but to read about things that truly matter. Life is truly what we make it & I am sure trying to be my best me and live my best life!!! It is up to you to see the beauty in everyday things. Stop […]

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